Violet snorted at a lot of things the first few days we had her. We had goats then and Violet had never seen one before, she freaked out a lot when she would see them. I thought Violet was the most beautiful horse there was. Violet isn’t super fast but is super smooth. I rode her every day and played lots of games on her with my sisters. My favorite was being chased but I really had fun chasing my sisters. I also had to practice for fair, which I was very excited for.

She is so pretty.

Early one morning I didn’t work her and was going to practice barrel racing. As I took off towards the barrels. She bucked, I was not the best rider then and fell off. My parents had both seen it and were very surprised because she is fairly old. After that they made me ride bareback so I could get better balance. At first I was super scared and didn’t know how I was going to stay on. Mom said I had to trot her once around the pen. Then I rode around a little outside the pen. After I had good balance I could even lope her out in the pasture.

My Horse

The first day at home.

I thought it was amazing when I got a horse of my own. We didn’t have a name for him for a while, but now his name is Joey from reading a book about a blind horse named Joey. He looked awful in the beginning. But after feeding Joey better, he looks so pretty.

It took a while for me to be calm around him. While I was scared around him, he was scared around me. Getting to really know Joey took a long time. After I did get to know him we had so much fun together. I had to sack him out. Sacking a horse out means to shake a sack all around them until they get used to it and are not scared of it. After I did that I had to put the saddle on Joey. He never did anything, he only had a hump in his back.(A hump in a horses back means they could buck). I drove him alot. He didn’t do anything when I first got on him and rode him. Although he did seem just a bit uneasy and nervous. I walked him around the round pen and then he seemed to relax.

I hope he will turn out really good.

I stopped working with him for a while and didn’t ride him or anything. The next time I got on him he had a hump in his back. I walked him around the round pen for a while and the hump went away. A little while later I tried to trot him and got bucked off. Since I was riding bareback I didn’t really get hurt. After getting bucked off I worked him and then got back on. I didn’t get bucked off again that day. A day later I got on and was bucked off twice and that time it did hurt even though I was still riding him bareback. Mom came outside to help. Before I got back on mom had to work so he would respect her. When she was done he was sweaty. Then mom lead him while I rode him. Joey bucked three more times, but those three times I stayed on while mom helped stop him from bucking. He got in a lot of trouble. By the time I was done working him, he was sweaty. My dad thinks he may not be old enough to know exactly what’s wrong and what’s right. So now I have just been doing ground work with him in the round pen. I am going to teach him how to bow, which would be so awesome. After I do that I hope that when I can ride him I will be able to get on when he bows.

Doctoring My Pony

We got Little Blacky(the pony in the picture) and she had a hole at the tip of the frog that went up into her foot (the frog is the softer and more sensitive part of a horses hoof). It was her left white back foot. I had to clean it out and soak it in Epsom salt. Epsom salt draws the infection out of her foot. Then after I had been doing that for a while she got out of her pen. We don’t know were she got out, but she scratch herself farelly bad. We didn’t it was bad at all at the time. So we didn’t do anything for a while. I tried to work with her one day and figured out that the scratch was very infected. Then I had to clean out the scratch with disinfectant soap. After doing that for a few days I gave her penicillin for three days in a row and still kept on cleaning it out I also stopped soaking her foot. After giving her penicillin I cleaned it out for a while even though nothing came out. After picking the scab of a couple of times I stopped and am letting it heal now.

Isn’t she adorable.

I have started to train her now. The process started out really slow but after just a couple days of work she is doing really good and it helps that she is a quick learner.