The Long Rides

Those several mile rides of moving cows can really wear a person down but they are one of my favorite things to do. My horse is amazing at watching cows and seems to always have fun when we are around cattle. We have recently gone on a few cattle drives and I figured out that she can watch a cow amazingly well.

On Saturday February 5th we went on a 15 mile cattle drive. This was a very long one, but I had so much fun as I got to help a lot. I was pushing the cows at the back for a while then went up to the front with Buck, who was also helping, to watch drive ways that we did not want the cows going down. Then after that I was at the back for a while again but I still have a lot of fun when I am at the back. After a while I got to ride on the edge of Hayes Center so I would be able to turn the cows onto a dirt road that led out of town. Josephine however did not really appreciate this very much as she did not like the pavement or the vehicles that well. After this we went west of Hayes Center about a mile, which is where we stopped at a little corral to eat lunch. From here we only had about 5-6 more miles before we reached to cornstalks where we would put the cows. The rest of the cattle drive went smoothly.

Monday we missed school to move cows around to a couple different pastures. The first herd we moved across a couple of corn fields to a different pasture. The second herd we moved across some pastures. This took a while but I had a lot of fun while moving them. I was on the side making sure the cows where headed in the right direction. My favorite spot is on the right side of the cows, not sure why but I usually end up there so it has become my favorite spot. As we were headed through the first pasture my little brother who is seven got bucked off his little horse. He stayed on the first time she tried but he came of the second time. He is just fine and got back on but in the end rode a different horse. After we got through the pastures we put them on a trail that led to the road, which we stayed on for about a mile to a mile and a half. Then we went by the same two cornfields we had previously been through. Here are a few pictures of the second cattle drive, which was on Monday.

One thought on “The Long Rides

  1. I’ve never been on a cattle drive. I love your photos and it sounds like fun. Although the longer ride sounds tiring, I would rather it be shorter but then I’m getting old and don’t ride for hours like a did when I was younger. I’m glad your brother didn’t get hurt when he got bucked off! And I’m also happy he was able to ride a different horse! ❤️🐴❤️

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