Fall Branding

Fall branding or just any branding in general is one of my favorite things to do. This year for our fall branding I got to rope off of my horse and drag calves for the first time. I also wrestled a lot of calves too. I was amazed at how amazing she was doing when I first started I drug our first calf. I had also not had much experience with roping and dragging calves.

I really enjoy going to peoples brands and in our branding. Our fall herd this year had just under a hundred calves in it. So in other words their was not very many calves in our herd. We had some people over to help with our branding since it goes by faster and is more enjoyable. We had our cows in a fairly big pasture and the cows were strung all over it. This made it more captivating than it would have been if we had rounded up cows in a smaller pasture. After round-up we sorted all of the cows from the calves and poured the cows. While we were sorting them my grandma and I were running the gate to were all of the calves were being put. I was very entertaining watching my Dad and Uncle Jerry put cows into the little pen that was just before the chute. One of the cows just about hit my dad, he had actually tried to grab her nose to stop her. I jumped because I thought she might actually hit him. After we were done with that we started on actually branding the calves. I helped wrestle a lot of calves with my cousin Braydon. Then Dad said I could rope off of Josephine, I WAS SUPER EXCITED!!!! Since she had never been roped off of before and I am definitely not the best roper I was also a bit nervous. All went well and I was actually doing really really amazing. I then decided that I was going to rope a really big calf because it would be easier to rope. This was probably not the best choice for my young horse though. Dad had to come help pull the calf because I was starting to slide off and Josephine was having a lot of trouble pulling. After this incident I got more medium sized calves instead.

After we were done branding the calves I rode home with some of my family and friends. We rode home through two pastures and through one of our pivots. When we arrived at home I helped my friend Ava and her sisters unsaddle their horses. Then I went to our barn and unsaddled Josephine.

13 thoughts on “Fall Branding

  1. Thanks for sharing this adventure. Many years ago I helped out at a ranch in BC with branding. They also de-horned the calves and my job was to be the blood stopper and put a disinfectant powder into the wound. It went on most of the day. I had difficulty at first but when I got used to it I was ok. The calves all got to have a rest for a bit before they went bach to the herd.


  2. I hope I am not sending a reply twice but the first one did not seem to take. I took part in a branding day many many years ago in the interior of BC. They also de horned the calves and my job was to be the blood stopper and put disinfectant powder into the wound. It went on most of the day. The calves were allowed to have a rest after the dehorning and then rejoin the herd. My reward was I got to ride out on the range for the next day with the owner of the ranch.

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