Gunny is a very special little horse to me. He just turned a year old October second and he is a buckskin, who I watched be born. Gunny got colic a few months ago and I was afraid for him because I thought he might die. When my sisters were going to feed him they found him laying down and he would not get up. I came over there and was in tears, seeing him laying there looking at me with his little eyes I was very upset. Mom and dad were in the hay field so I called mom and they both my parents came. Dad was able to get him up but Gunny did not feel very well at all. We took him to the vet, which was about fourty-five minutes away. Gunny went down in the trailer but then got back up. The vet said he had colic and then stuck a needle in his side to let air off of him, they gave him mineral oil and kept him for a while. We got him back a little less than a week later. I was in the hay field picking up bales so I did not get to see him when they got home. Mom did however send me a picture of Gunny though, he looked awful. I felt terrible for Gunny and we started to feed him high fat pellets so he would gain some weight. Gunny is now doing very amazing and he looks really fantastic compared to how he looked when we got him back from the vet.


I halter broke Gunny and desensitized Gunny to a lot of things because I could not train him to ride since he is so young. Gunny is really sweet and loves any attention you give him. I have also trimmed his feet, which he was a exceptionally amazing and did not even fight me. Gunny has also learned to stand very nice while being tied up.

3 thoughts on “Gunny

  1. Colic is every horse owners nightmare. I have been through it and fortunately each time the horse came right again with IV fluids and a short stay in the equine clinic. Gunny looks like a dear little fellow. I love his coloring

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