I have had Josephine for a almost two years and have done a lot of work with her. She is a very brilliant horse and we appreciate long rides together through pastures, sorting cows and checking cows during calving season. I have done some jumping with her but that is not were she is talented most at. She is most skilled at just about anything with cows, however she still needs a bit of work when it comes to cows. Josephine can though mostly do it by herself and a lot of times it is riders error, so even I make mistakes sometimes.

Josephine & Me

Naomi Deaver

I train horses for my family and would love to hear about you and your life with horses. Even if you don’t have horses still would love to hear from you.

Josephine and I have become an amazing team over the course of the summer. I have taught her a lot and also a few tricks in the meantime. Josephine is a very talented horse, who I have taught to lay down, bow, watch a cow, liberty and bridleless. I have done so much work with her that you might think that she is done, however she is not because I have a lot of things I want to teach her.

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