Our Horses

We ride most of them to move cows or just ride for fun. There is one that is not broke, two colts and a mare that does not get rode very often because she is lame. My two favorites are my horses Joey and Josephine.

Our colts are both boys and have very different personalites. The oldest one is Gunny he is two months old and he is a buckskin. Sarge. is one month old and he is a bay. Even though they are a month apart Sarge. is a little taller than Gunny. Gunny is sweeter than Sarge. but is also sneaky when he is naughty.

Sarge and Josie
Gunny and Silver
Our mares
Gambler and Blue Boy

Joey and Gambler are both geldings. Gambler is my grandparents horse and he is also lame. He is twenty one years old but surprisingly too energetic for my six year old brother to ride him. So most of the time he either does not get rode or my eight year old sister rides him.

Blue Boy is a two year old stud whom my dad trained. Blue Boy watches a cow surprisingly good. He also acts like a stud but for the most part he is very well behaved.

Our mares get rode a lot because there are more in that pen. Violet, who is a blue roan is my little brother’s horse even though he doesn’t technically own her. He rides her whenever we go and do something. The rest also usually get rode pretty often. The one with a blanket on is Josephine. I usually ride her or Joey but mom also likes riding him. Josephine also watches a cow my goal with her is to get her to watch one really.

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