I have been doing lots of work on him and have been teaching him a lot lately. I always wanted a horse that could jump and finally figured out that he jumps surprisingly well. The faster he goes into the jump the higher he will jump. He also will jump them at a trot. Before I started jumping him I had to trot him over logs that were on the ground. He was very good at that because I had done that several times before. Now I have to put the saddle on and see if he jumps the same still.

First day over the jumps

He jumped the same with the saddle on, so I got on and he does really well. It is so much fun jumping him. I have never jumped over something that was up off the ground before so that was my first time.

Second day riding him over the jumps.

I have also been teaching him to lay down. I have gotten him to do it a few times. He does it kinda slow but also calm. The first time he laid down he went flat on his side. The second time he laid down on his side, however he didn’t lay down as long. His longest time lying down was 35 minutes. Joey literally goes to sleep when he lays down.

Joey likes to lay flat most of the time.

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