I started riding Captain after I rode Violet. He was a brat and I so very much disliked him. The first few times I rode him I was very nervous and just rode him around the corral. The first time out of the pen he laid down with me on him, which was very scary. It was in a very nice sandy area that I was trotting around in circles on. I jumped off and then mom told me to work him. After that I got back on and I did more circles outside of the sandy area on a grassy spot.

He is very handsome.

After fair I was able to ride around all over the place. I rode him for a while. I was now the only one that rode him because my younger siblings could not ride him and Victoriah did not like him. After we got Joey and the stud, Victoriah rode the stud, who was fairly old, and I worked with Joey. Captain did not like other horses being close to him while you were riding him. I did not like people getting very close to me while I was riding, so it didn’t bother me that much. I loved riding him bareback even though he was skinny and his backbone stuck up. I used a saddle blanket (not a saddle pad) for a while, which made it a lot better, then I bought a bareback pad which was even better. He got fed really well for a while and has become fat. I rode him again since we had not been riding him and he was a bit sassy. I do not ride him that often any more because I work with Joey and I ride another one of our horses more now and Captain has gotten very fat and sassy.

I started working with Captain again the day after dad rode him really hard trying to get bulls in. The next day I put my blanket on him. He was limping from the day before so I didn’t ride him. I tried to trim his feet and see if I could help the pain go away even though it was not bad. He only limped when trotting so I did not make him trot at all, but otherwise he was fine. I left it on him for a while in his pen but then took it off.

He didn’t mind the noise.

The next day I started to teach him to hug and on that same day I got him to do it. I was really happy to get him to do it. I did more work on that for a little while longer. Next I decided to teach him how to smile I almost got him to but he did not quite get it.